I just love Kejriwal, and I don’t care what you think


 I just love Kejriwal and you will be surprised to know the reason!

I love many politicians and Kejriwal is among one of them. Why I just love Kejriwal, is not because he is so good or what he has accomplished. I am a normal human and I love him because he is very similar to me. Its not that I only love him, I also like Modi because he is like my father!

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I just love Kejriwal, and I don’t care what you think
I just love Kejriwal, and I don’t care what you think


1. He always speaks the truth like I do

I am suffering with a disease called being an ordinary human syndrome and I regularly lie to myself with so much honesty that even I don’t recognize that I may be fooling myself.

I once even started believing that I am really sick while pretending the same to apply for a leave and even took medicine for my fever. Truth always prevails though and I did go down with high fever within next two day. I just love Kejriwal

2. He has always maintained that he is an ordinary man, an ‘Aam Aadmi’.

Of course, he is an ordinary man as timid as fallible as escapist, blaming others and self-focussed as we all ordinary humans are. There is no denying that he had always been speaking only the truth. Its our foolishness that we did not comprehend the actual meaning of being born fallible, mortal and preposterous humans and apparently its not his fault, so please don’t blame him. Why chose a leader who is better than you, you never know what he may turn into. I just love Kejriwal

3. Kejriwal gets sick nearly as often as I do.

I always get sick whenever too much work follows me like bee gets stuck to its hive. At once I become Siddhartha moving toward enlightenment then the next day I become Kejriwal, finding solace in blaming everything except me. “It was a cold day, pollution was very high, my neighbour died, there is a discrimination going on” so on and so forth and so many times even I start believing that everyone is being unfair to me or may be are all corrupt. Well it almost means the same thing just don’t go by semantics. I just love Kejriwal

I just love Kejriwal

4. He is so much like me in school.

While in school, a teacher who due to my cricketing skills, I know it had nothing to do with my leadership or academic skills, made me the class monitor, I soon involved all people in my group to feel like they too are part of the leadership cream of the class and soon fell off with rest of the class and they started alienating me. I also never liked people in my group to even disagree with me and had them thrown out of the group to the extent that only one who was not thrown out of the group was me. Lucky me! I just love Kejriwal

5. He is as committed to his core principles

I always made stupendous promises to my father to get whatever I wanted. I promised him that I would study 8 hours a day in my 11th standard to get a bike and eventually the day came that I failed in almost all the subjects in the exams. Well 11th results are not counted in the board exams so why bother. My father said ‘Wasn’t it the only premise based on which you got me to get you a bike’. I had to ignore him as he was not sounding very logical at all! I just love Kejriwal

I just love Kejriwal

6. There is a wider conspiracy we both are fighting for

I always thought the brightest kid in the block was not due to his hard work but was being planted by the teacher to score more and it was all set up, and I must tell you I was right. I became Sherlock Holmes at finding the truth behind this conspiracy. It is hard to believe but I delved deeper and realized that there is a broader collusion of high rung people, so much to the extent that even CBSE was colluding with him and allowed him to top the school. Despite so much collusion and conspiracy I could pass in three subjects out of total of six, no ordinary feat I must tell you.

I just love Kejriwal

Krjriwal ji inspires me to continue my fight come what may. The struggle and the ray of hope he bestows upon me cannot be explained in mere words. I thank you Mr. Krjriwal, along with many other people who resonate with me, for showing us the way forward. I just love Kejriwal!

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