Five Different Ways to Create a Fantasy Cricket Team

Five Different Ways to Create a Fantasy Cricket Team
Five Different Ways to Create a Fantasy Cricket Team

Cricket is not just a game but an emotion for the fans. So, completing their required tasks before time and sitting in front of the TV screens to enjoy cricket matches has been a regular affair for sports lovers. While the other matches kept them stuck to the screens throughout the day, the IPL matches with limited overs helped them enjoy the entire match and get back to their commitments. 

No matter what the duration of the matches was, the cricket fans always had innumerable reasons to make sure they didn’t miss a single one. Given the craze for cricket among people, multiple gaming websites have come up with fantasy versions of several sports to satiate the appetite of different sports lovers.

According to the recent Yahoo Finance report, the global fantasy sports sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5%, accounting for $22.31 billion in 2021. The fantasy version of many sports is available online these days, including hockey, kabaddi, football, etc., but fantasy cricket has its charm.

With fantasy cricket, the sports lovers get an opportunity to associate with real-life matches through the players chosen. Based on how their chosen players perform on the field, the gamers earn points. It is a game of strategies that gamers have to be aware of to form an excellent virtual team of real cricket players based on multiple parameters. 

When it comes to creating a valuable team, various factors must be taken into consideration to ensure the gamers win their fantasy contests. Here are a few fantasy cricket tips to let you choose the best players to have the best team for the upcoming cricket match.

1. Focus on consistency

Most of the time, it has been observed that fantasy gamers take into account the most recent performances of the players, and based on the same, they select players for their team. It is recommended to refrain from doing that. A player who is performing ideally now would not necessarily perform perfectly in the later matches.

Thus, it is expected that you emphasize the consistency factor a bit more. Despite looking at the recent performance only, you can have a look at how consistent the performance of a player is. Choosing a consistent player is way better than having someone who may or may not perform as expected. A consistent player might not score a hundred, but he won’t be at zero, at least.


2. Follow pitch/weather reports

It might be surprising for you to relate the weather and pitch forecasts with your team selection process. However, it is one of the most important points to consider. How?

Based on the pitch and weather conditions, you can decide which kind of bowler, fielder, and batsman to choose. For example, if the pitch is bumpy, you should try having good bowlers to enhance your chances of scoring high. On the other hand, in case the pitch is flat, you can go for better batters. On the other hand, some players perform better on dry days, while a few prefer playing on windy days.

To understand the type of players fit for a particular type of pitch or weather condition, you should observe the game of your shortlisted players and finally decide who to include and exclude.

3. Check recent performances

Of course, consistency is key. However, there are instances where players play really well for consecutive matches but then start being poor on the field. Therefore, while you keep a tab of the consistent performance of the cricketers, you should not ignore the recent performances. You might find that some of the best players have suddenly begun performing poorly. They might turn out to be good, but you cannot rely on luck when you can practically choose the one who will surely do well in the match.

Thus, making smart and practical decisions is recommended rather than being drawn towards an unsure alternative. Take into account the most recent matches and check how your favorite players performed. Depending on your observation, you can make a selection.


4. Choose captain & vice-captain wisely

The most important aspect of the team selection process is to choose a captain and a vice-captain wisely. The captain and vice-captain are the two superior members of the team, and hence their performance would bring more scores to your scoreboard. Thus, be careful while choosing them. The points for a captain’s performance get doubled, and the vice-captain earns you 1.5x points for the runs they score.

If you have a great captain and an excellent vice-captain, who performs well on every ball thrown at him, you are likely to earn better points than what other players in the team could earn for you, right? Thus, be wise enough in selecting your captain and vice-captain.

5. Have a balanced team

Fantasy gamers have been found selecting either only good batters for the team or a number of bowlers to record a win. However, neither of them could help them have a great team. As a gamer, you should try to have a balanced team with a sufficient number of good batsmen, good bowlers, and good fielders. Cricket is not only about batting or bowling; it’s about every task the players have to conduct on the field. Thus, having a good mix of batsmen, bowlers, and fielders would increase your chances of winning the game.

Following the above five different ways of creating a fantasy cricket team would surely help you have a great team. You just need to be a good observer to consider different aspects of a cricketer’s game to ensure you choose the right one for the right match. Choosing a good team requires good observation and analytical skills. If you have that or you can gradually develop that in you, it is likely for you to have the best team to record a win in every fantasy cricket match you associate with.

Go for it and have a great match!


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