Shah Rukh Khan Grants Martyred Pilot’s Parents’ Wish; Fans Laud ‘That’s Why You’re King’

Shah Rukh Khan Grants Martyred Pilot's Parents' Wish; Fans Laud 'That's Why You're King'
Shah Rukh Khan Grants Martyred Pilot's Parents' Wish; Fans Laud 'That's Why You're King'

Shah Rukh Khan is renowned not only as a Bollywood superstar but also as a humble and grounded individual. He has risen from an ordinary guy from Delhi to one of the biggest superstars India has seen.

His simple background may well be why he remains consistently humble and grounded. Anyone who encounters him inevitably becomes a fan.

Beyond his on-screen persona, he emerges as a true hero in real life! Acknowledged as the King of Bollywood, he quietly assists individuals from diverse backgrounds without seeking attention. His philanthropy speaks volumes about his character.

In a recent incident that has surfaced, Shah Rukh Khan met with the parents of the late Squadron Leader Abhimanyu Rai, who named their son after his character in the TV series “Fauji,” and he fulfilled their wish.

For those unaware, Abhimanyu Rai sacrificed his life to shield a village from a crashing aircraft. His parents, who named their son after the superstar, expressed their wish to meet the Bollywood icon.

When Khan came to know about it, he silently acted to fulfill
their wishes

Abhimanyu’s parents want to create a foundation in memory of their son. They hoped to meet the superstar who inspired them to name their son. Rai’s mother, with the help of Team Saath, shared the message on X (formerly Twitter).

The Team Saath posted on the platform, “Dear Shah Rukh Khan, The mother of a martyr, Squadron Leader Abhimanyu Rai, wants to speak with you about her son and how she chose to name her son after the character you portrayed in the TV series Fauji. Please grant her this small happiness.”

Now, Team Saath has shared an update confirming that SRK did meet the late Squadron Leader Abhimanyu Rai’s parents, and everyone is once again in awe of Shah Rukh Khan!

The tweet read, “Thank you SRK for giving your time to Group Captain Amitabh Rai and Mrs. Chitralekha Rai, proud parents of Squadron Leader Abhimanyu Rai, who sacrificed his life in service of the nation.

That is why you are THE KING. Your gesture has filled their lives with hope and an ambition to bring his life story in front of the World. Love you SRK.”

Netizens were in awe by Shahrukh’s kind gesture, sparking an endless stream of praise for him online.

Praising the actor, a fan wrote, ” Dilon ke Badshah”. Another one said, “He never disappoints. Such a Kind soul. Take Respect & Dua Shah rukh Khan.” Another comment read, “Man with his golden heart, @iamsrk This achievement was made possible due to your tireless dedication @TeamSaath”

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