Guy Grabs Live Shark With Bare Hands, Internet Can’t Get Enough

Guy Grabs Live Shark With Bare Hands, Internet Can't Get Enough
Guy Grabs Live Shark With Bare Hands, Internet Can't Get Enough

If the idea of encountering sharks doesn’t bother you, you’ll definitely differentiate yourself from the crowd. Nevertheless, the mere proximity of a shark is ample reason for the majority to hastily retreat, not to mention the thought of making physical contact with one.

However, one person simply stands out. He seems to share a profound connection with animals, evident through his dedicated website, Instagram page, and YouTube channel centered around his fishing expeditions.

Who is the man casually picking up sharks?

Known as Hood Fishing Entertainment, this person doesn’t reveal his real name anywhere. On his website, he describes himself as “a youngster from the hood that has launched a social media account to film and share his life of fishing and construction.”

He’s located in Southwestern Florida and boasts of 608k Instagram followers and 208k YouTube subscribers. His videos feature fishing tutorials and challenges against opponents.

With nearly 30 million views across his videos, it’s very clear that he has a dedicated audience.

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In the post, he’s pictured holding up a sea creature with the caption ‘Another day, another SHARK’. He even captured two different viewpoints of it, showing no fear of being near a real predator. He’s mentioned before that sharks fear him, not the other way around.

The most impressive part is that the shark is clearly alive throughout the entire encounter and is shown swimming away at the end. Fans of the daring fisherman expressed their shock in the comments, highlighting the remarkable nature of the interaction.

A man with multiple talents

Hoodfish Entertainment also offers guided fishing trips across Southwest Florida, which can be booked weeks or even months in advance. Additionally, his website features a newsletter that you can subscribe to.

The man writes, “My ambition is to become a professional fisherman and to share my enthusiasm for fishing with others.” He emphasizes that achieving professional status in fishing demands dedication, hard work, and perseverance.

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