Car accessories that you must buy for a long trip in India

Car accessories that you must buy for a long trip in India
Car accessories that you must buy for a long trip in India

Do you love to drive on long highways, hill and roads? We have compiled a list of brilliant car accessories that you must buy for a long trip in India

We have tried all the products that are listed here and some of their variant to ensure these are the best quality product and has unique utility and value for you. We have also provided a link so that you can see the product and purchase if you like them


1. Zaap car mount for mobile phone



See it here

Now a day many of the newer cars have in built gps systems for navigation. But none can match the prowess of updated google maps when it comes to exploring difficult routes.

This car mount can be really handy if you wish to mount your smartphone in car. It is sturdy has a brilliant hold, does not get lose and will not make sound or come off.

Your expensive smartphone is always safe with this guy. Our advice though is not to watch videos while driving, promise us that and this is the best car mount for mobile phones you can get in India. Keep reading our list of Car accessories that you must buy for a long trip in India


2. Stvin Travel Bed Car Air Mattress:

See it here 


If you are travelling with a small family and want them to relax while you drive through the beautiful landscape this is the product for you. It fits almost all the cars from Alto to fortunner.

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The car air mattress can be inflated by in car power point and can also be taken out and used as a portable bed or sofa when you need it.

Made of high quality PVC, the Inflatable Mattress overall load-bearing capacity of up to 150kg, Which allows 2 adults,and will be a great addition for your need.

3. Hanumex Electric U-shaped Massage Neck Pillow Cushion

See it here


The travel pillow improves sleep quality and is ideal for creating a comfortable and quiet environment while taking a short rest in an office or at home or while traveling. This very useful accessory will make your life much easier while driving

4. PANSIM  Car Dash Camera with for Night Vision


See it here

Memories of a trip are meant to last long for us. You can make it ever lasting by capturing the entire trip with this useful accessory.

What more this also provides safety for your family by recording 1920X1080P at 30 fps video which provides important and perfect video evidence in insurance case disputes and makes your car and life more safer.

G-sensor, motion detection, parking monitoring, loop recording, these powerful functions bring your car in a safer environment to save and lock files in emergency, to save power and storage, to record when detect vibration.

5. 4 in 1 Car Safety Escape Hammer 


See it here

Nothing can be more important to us than the safety and well being of our family. A recommended accessory that you should always carry with you while driving your car, long trip or otherwise.

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This 4 in 1 Car Safety Escape Hammer Life Saving Auto Emergency Tool Seat Belt Cutter Window Glass Breaker Car Rescue Tool With Light can come out to be very handy, god forbid any incidents happen. This one tool can prevent us and the family from harms way

6. Michelin 12266 High Power Rapid Tyre Inflator


See it here

This is our most recommended product for a long trip. I know you have a spare tyre handy with you in case you car tyre goes flat. What we can tell you from our experience is that Indian terrain are quite unpredictable and many times we have had couple or more flat tyres to our despair. The spare tyre was simple not enough to get us running.

Those day we did not have powerful inflators like this nor we had tubeless tyres. Today will almost all cars having tubeless tyre, you can easily fill your tyre with air quickly and get to a puncture show with ease even with multiple flat tyres.


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