10 Amazing Things to Do in India

Amazing Things to Do in India
Amazing Things to Do in India

India is the most versatile country for visiting places from a tourist perspective; you will find many places to visit as it has a vast culture, different traditions, and unique values, which you will love to explore.

You will find cultural diversity because there are many places and things to experience. The old architecture to crafts works to hills and mountains which you would love to see in India.

Let’s explore the best things you should do while coming to India.

First, explore the unique places; you will only find somewhere else to visit. Now brace yourself to experience ten amazing things in India.

1. Visit the Taj Mahal

Once you reach India, the first thing on your bucket list is the Taj Mahal in Agra because it is that famous. The architecture and crafts of the mahal explain the beauty itself. It is indeed one of the most amazing things you will find in India. It is the most mesmerizing and exciting monument in the whole world. Well, some people call it overrated as it gets old, and those who used to see it most often are tired of visiting this place again and again. However, it has some charm that you will feel when you see the architecture for the first time.

2. Visit Tiger Safari at a national park 

Well, if you are an animal lover and want to explore simultaneously, safari is the best place to visit. If you are visiting India, you must visit the tiger safari at the national park. India has the most impressive national parks with new animals to experience, but mainly travelers visit national parks to see Bengal tigers which are famous all over India.

The best thing is that you will find more Bengal tigers in subcontinent areas as they are rising in population and spreading towards the subcontinent. Once you are in Rajasthan, the most famous national park is Ranthambore which you must visit.

An important thing you need to know is how you would get there, well you have to o on private transport, it will be convenient for you.

3: To see the festivals

If you know India, it has many colors of religions as it is a secular country, you will find many faiths celebrating their interesting festivals with true happiness. You will see the Holi festival, marked with colors; they play with them like a child and spread joy in the form of colors.

Another festival is Diwali, the festival of light, the most important festival for the Hindu religion. Ramadan is another festival celebrated by the Muslim community in which they fast for a month and eat a delicious meal in the evening. Then after a month, Eid comes, celebrated with yummy foods.

They celebrate many other festivals in their home, and many religions celebrate each other’s festivals, which is a good part.

4. Explore the city 

Once you are landed in India, you must do outdoor activities, as it gives you many new experiences in the form of unique activities. Explore the country differently, and you will see different games in most of the old small areas of India.

The people of India are full of energy, and you will find small kids dancing and playing around. Another popular thing in India — is lucky draws, which people believe in, and some of them already benefit from it.

Many of the locals there used to buy lottery tickets online in India and try out their luck; Sometimes they get the big catch,  and sometimes they don’t. Because of this, even outsiders from other countries also use to participate in this and try out their luck.

5. Explore the Delhi city

While you are exploring India’s cities, Delhi is the city you must visit as it has one of the most popular and old markets, there you can explore the clothes and lifestyle of Indian people.

Another popular place in Delhi is Chandni chowk; it has the oldest city located, and Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor created it. Since then, this place has been called the most famous place in Delhi. You will find many shops situated around the corners of Chandni Chowk.

6. Explore the Food

The most talked about thing in India is food, and you will see diversity in food as it has many traditions and cultures, so people have different tastes and foods. Various spices and colors in food make you crave everything at once.

Their famous yet delicious food sells in the street, provided by different ethnicities and flavors. This food will want you come again to have some more. Do try their street foods once you visit India.

7. Visit Goa beaches

If you are a water baby and want to have beach life over there, you must visit Goa to experience different beaches. Many resorts give you no more than luxury and a calm feel, along with delicious seafood. Most resorts have beach huts through which you can hear the voices of beach waves, which soothes you.

It is not just it. Nightlife is also waiting for you there. It will be so much fun with just a small budget.

8. Visit the royal fort

In India, you will find many splendid things which are made for everyone, for every kind of people, people who love to visit forts, and there are many forts which you can visit to have dinner over there. The Royal fort is situated in Jaipur, where many royal families lived back then. Still, many houses are available to maharajas.

9. Visit the Himalayas Mountain

In India, you will find the most extensive mountain range there. The views are amazing, and the people living at the top of the Himalayas can’t even imagine living there. Many activities include paragliding, zip lining, skiing, and many more.

So whenever you visit the Himalayas, visit the mountainous range to experience such activities.

10. Experience Bollywood in Mumbai city

One of the popular things in India is its entertainment industry; it is even popular worldwide. The famous industry called Bollywood is located in Mumbai, India. They are renowned for their songs and dances especially.

You will find a film city where you can experience many film shooting happening around and see how they made it. The film city is situated in about 300 Acres of total area, which is enormous to experience.

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