UP Man Lies About Clearing UPSC Exam for Marriage, Even Fakes News Article

UP Man Fakes UPSC Exam Success, Fabricates News Article to Deceive Woman into Marriage
UP Man Fakes UPSC Exam Success, Fabricates News Article to Deceive Woman into Marriage

A 22-year-old man identified as Vijay Singh hailing from Uttar Pradesh managed to deceive a woman into marriage by falsely asserting that he had passed the UPSC 2023 Mains examination and was awaiting the interview stage. He even went to the extent of publishing a counterfeit newspaper article supporting his claim.

Unfortunately, this societal reverence for UPSC achievers can sometimes be exploited by unscrupulous individuals for their nefarious purposes.

The woman, employed as a police constable, fell victim to his deception and entered into marriage with him.

However, as the truth about his fabricated achievements emerged, their relationship took a dark turn. The man turned physically and mentally abusive towards his wife as his falsehoods were exposed.

Recognizing the deceit about his UPSC exam clearance, she bravely filed a complaint against him. Consequently, the man was arrested and faces charges including assault, cruelty by husband, cheating, and forgery.

DCP Central Zone, Raveena Tyagi, stated, “Singh, originating from Gonda, allegedly enticed the constable into marriage through an intricate web of deception.

He forged documents to persuade her of his purported UPSC accomplishment, even going as far as fabricating a counterfeit newspaper article proclaiming his success. Blinded by his elaborate ruse, the constable consented to marry him in 2023.”

The UPSC examination, known for its rigorous selection process and esteemed status, holds significant weight in Indian society. Success in this examination is often perceived as a hallmark of intelligence, dedication, and potential for public service.

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