UK Asylum Scandal: Lawyers Allegedly Coaching Indian Migrants to Falsely Claim Khalistani Ties

UK Asylum Scandal: Lawyers Allegedly Coaching Indian Migrants to Falsely Claim Khalistani Ties
UK Asylum Scandal: Lawyers Allegedly Coaching Indian Migrants to Falsely Claim Khalistani Ties

Investigation Reveals Rogue Lawyers Coaching Illegal Indian Immigrants to Pose as Khalistani for Fake UK Asylum Claims.

Khalistani ideology seeks independence of the Indian state of Punjab from the Indian Union. The movement is insignificant in India but has little support for migrants in other countries.

A recent exposé by a British newspaper sheds light on a disturbing practice in the UK, where illegal Indian immigrants are allegedly being guided by rogue lawyers to falsely claim Khalistani affiliations for fake asylum claims.

The Daily Mail’s undercover investigation uncovered a network of law firms promoting deceptive strategies to exploit the UK asylum system.

The newspaper’s reporter, posing as an Indian national seeking work after arriving in the UK illegally, was met with shocking suggestions from the lawyers. They advised him to feign fear for his life in India by fabricating “anti-government political allegiances,” a “love affair with someone from the wrong caste,” or falsely claiming to be gay.

However, the most frequent advice given to the reporter, who posed as a farmer from Punjab with a UK-based uncle, was to pretend to be a supporter of Khalistan.

For substantial sums of money, the reporter was advised to proclaim involvement in the farmers’ agitation and invited to join Khalistani separatist Amritpal Singh.

The lawyers stressed that adopting a pro-Khalistani stance, even if he didn’t genuinely support Khalistan, would improve his chances of winning the asylum case.

Allegedly, up to 40 law firms are currently under the UK authorities’ scrutiny due to suspected abuses in the asylum claim process.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took to Twitter to condemn the situation, accusing the Labour Party, lawyers, and criminal gangs of supporting an exploitative system that encourages illegal immigration.

However, Sunak’s comments received criticism from the Bar Council, with its vice-chair, Sam Townend, stating that such rhetoric undermines the rule of law, trust in lawyers, and confidence in the UK legal system.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority assured that they would take action if any evidence of solicitors or firms violating regulations is found.

The implications of this investigation raise concerns about the integrity of the UK’s asylum system and the ethical conduct of certain law firms. The authorities must remain vigilant in combating asylum claim abuses and ensure that justice prevails for genuine asylum seekers.

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