Sisters Find Stranger’s Body in Their Mother’s Casket Due To Funeral Home Mix-Up

Sisters Find Stranger's Body in Their Mother's Casket Due To Funeral Home Mix-Up
Sisters Find Stranger's Body in Their Mother's Casket Due To Funeral Home Mix-Up

In one of the most bizarre incidents, two sisters from US-North Carolina were beyond shock when they found a complete stranger’s body rested inside the casket that was supposed to hold their mother.

Jennifer Taylor and Jennetta Archer lost their mother Mary last month. When they reached the funeral home for the service, they did not expect what they were about to see. An unknown woman — with no similarities to their mother — lying in her casket, WAVY-TV reported.

“We just couldn’t understand how this could happen,” Taylor described to a local news station in an interview this week.

“There’s no physical or visual similarity in the person,” said Archer. “Their size was way off. When the first person had the clothing on, she was swimming in the clothes because she was so small compared to my mother.”

sister's mother Mary
sister’s mother Mary

The sisters claim that Hunter’s Funeral Home in Ahoskie failed to acknowledge the issue and even disputed that the person was someone else. Their mom’s body was ultimately located in the embalming room, the report said.

“It would have been a different situation if they had just come up front and addressed it immediately to show that yes, they did, they made an error,” Archer said.

The bodies were quickly switched back, allowing Mary Archer’s service to continue. However, the sisters told WAVY that they felt dissatisfied with how the business handled the situation.


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