Here’s How to Travel Luxurious within your Budget

How to Travel Luxurious within your Budget
How to Travel Luxurious within your Budget

While social distancing and wearing a mask is still a norm in 2021, but the year is making up for the lost time with an uptick in trip planning, and the internet is loaded with vacation destinations alluring people to start making their travel plans.

Everyone wants to taste the bite of luxury while traveling to far-flung destinations, but at the same time, nobody wants to break their wallet on a holiday, as people are still feeling the anxiety of battling the invisible enemy.

The good news is that you can still fit a luxury vacation in your wallet with some research, and smart planning as most airlines run sales offering tickets at a discounted rate occasionally.

Air Asia is one such airline offering a discount of up to 70% off on domestic and International flight bookings using AirAsia promo codes & coupons.

The pandemic restrictions are keeping us grounded, but it doesn’t stop you from dreaming about your next vacation and find ways to save more on your next trip. Choose your destination wisely as luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive.

Here are the ten steps to travel luxurious within your budget.

1. Plan in Advance

This is the key factor for every budget traveler. A well-researched and planned trip in advance will help you manage the whole trip within your budget, and can save a lot of money.

2. Go to an Off-beat destination

If you are looking for a super luxurious vacation, then go in for the lesser-known locations where you can not only cut down on your expenses, accommodation, sight-seeing, etc. but also enjoy tourist-free places which are just as beautiful as the major tourist hubs.

Activities are also extended at such tourist destinations for free where you can enjoy your stay on a smaller budget. Agoda is offering a plethora of options to make your bookings with an offer of 25% off on Hotels & flight bookings.

3. Choose the Shoulder season to travel

Travelling to any destination during the peak season will surely burn a hole in your pocket. Prefer to travel during the Shoulder season, i.e. the period between the peak season and the off-season, if you want to have a luxurious vacation as there will be lesser crowd so, you will get to enjoy a nice quiet holiday, and most importantly the travel prices will be meager, so, you can save enough money to indulge in some luxuries. Head to your romantic destination and make your room reservations through to secure a savings of 20% on hotels.

4. Discover your dream hotel & contact the Hotel Directly

Even though you might feel satisfied by negotiating a deal while making your bookings through a platform or a service, an honest advice would be to directly approach the hotel you are interested in. Some luxurious hotels can even customize a package for you at the best possible price or might offer a promotional deal. Choose the one that includes breakfast in your package as this is great money as well as time saver. If you book a hotel which is a little further away from the center of the city, then you can get that for a cheaper rate and lesser crowd. This way you will end up saving more on the taxes by booking directly at the hotel or resort of your choice.

5. Keep an eye on exclusive Airline deals

If you fly the friendly sky often, then you can get loyalty points and earn miles on every flight you take. With plenty of flights under your belt you can redeem the earned points, and enjoy a luxurious trip. Also, set an email alert if you don’t have time to scour the internet for the offers, as many airlines occasionally offer ticket deals where you can book a cheap flight and save all that cash for some exciting activities at your destination.

6. Travel in groups to snag a great deal

Travelling in groups is always fun and economical, and can fetch you massive discounts on your accommodation, flight, and other bookings. Sometimes group rates for hotels, flights, and attractions can yield a whopping discount of 20% off. So if you are planning for a memorable gateway with your family and friends, a villa can offer you all the luxuries while staying within your budget, and booking from Trivago can make it even more relaxing and affordable.

7. Explore options where your currency flourishes

Although it is a tedious task while planning your vacation, especially if you have luxury in your mind, you can turn your affordable luxury into reality if you explore the places where your currency is worth more, specifically if you are planning an international trip. The exchange rate can deliver some super saving treats for you and a bag full of souvenirs too.

8. Eat smart to please your stomach if you are a foodie

Your accommodation might offer you all the exquisite cuisines, but it’s always welcome to experience some small culinary cultural shocks to satiate your taste buds.

By venturing out you can also get the taste of the roadside eateries instead of splurging on a full meal at your hotel.

To stay within your budget taking advantage of the happy hours to enjoy the lush lifestyle during cocktail hour is a great idea. In fact, many family-friendly restaurants offer happy hours in the afternoon with discounted drinks and appetizers as well.

9. Cut the Transportation costs

Vacation transportation costs can add up quickly so be realistic about your needs and to avoid a big blow to your budget opt for public transport like a bus, subway train or you can even rent a bike, car or scooter to visit the local spots to save an extra buck.

In addition, you can even admire the scenic landscapes at the same time.

10. Consider an all Inclusive package

An all-in-one package means you have got everything covered which entails stay, meals and drinks, and tons of activities. Not all 4-5 star hotels are expensive, and all the leading platforms like Agoda, Trivago and have plenty to offer as per your requirements.

So, make the most of these worldly pleasures, and take in the essence of the place, no matter where you travel to as a luxurious travelling experience is all about the memories you make.

These options can sometimes seem like minimal budget adjustments, but they really go a long way in turning your experience of a lifetime of a vacation. Huge savings on travel deals are waiting to be unleashed on travel websites with instant discounts on your bookings.

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