Flipkart User Receives Nirma Soap Bar Instead of iPhone 12 For Rs 53,000

Flipkart User Receives Nirma Soap Bar Instead of iPhone 12
Flipkart User Receives Nirma Soap Bar Instead of iPhone 12

Big Billion Sale is one of the most awaited online shopping deals which falls during the festive season in India. E-commerce giants offer some of the biggest discounts and customers await the opportunity to buy their most coveted items.

This, however, did not work as well for an individual who ordered an iPhone 12 from Flipkart’s, apparently also tempted by its super deals during the Big Billion Sale, but instead of the brand-spanking-new smartphone, he instead got two packets of Nirama brand soaps. 

Simranpal Singh shared the incident on his blog dubbed GoAndroid

while also sharing a video about the entire incident of the alleged fraudulent delivery that occurred on October 4.

He had chosen an ‘Open Box Option’ where individuals can first open the package at the time of delivery and in case it’s fine, only then they’re supposed to share the OTP with the delivery agent.

As soon as the package was delivered, Simranpal shot a video while unboxing the product. The video shows how as soon as the box was opened, he was surprised to see two soap bars wrapped in folded cardboard. Simranpal Singh immediately marked the delivery as ‘failed’ and reached out to customer support who claimed that the package was still shown as ‘out for delivery.

Flipkart then promised to call back and the delivery agent left with ‘failed delivery’. However, what’s surprising is that even after that, he received repeated calls for OTP from the delivery partner, Wishmaster for OTP to mark the delivery as successful.

He made a few calls to customer service at Flipkart who after a few days canceled the order and issued a refund, which took some more days for it to be processed. But he did finally manage to get the refund back into his account.

Ending the blog, Simranpal advised buyers on Flipkart to opt for the ‘Open Box Delivery’ option to be safeguarded by such fraudulent attempts by sellers or delivery agents.

Did you ever have a similar experience with any online purchase? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Watch the unboxing below:

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