Coronavirus India: Live Update

Coronavirus India: Live Update
Coronavirus India: Live Update

Realtime updated tracker for Covid-19 update in India

[COVID19-SLIP country=”India” covid_title=”Coronavirus” confirmed_title=”Confirmed” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered” active_title=”Active” today_title=”24h” world_title=”World”]

[COVID19-WIDGET country=”India” title_widget=”😷 India” confirmed_title=”Confirmed” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”]

[COVID19-GRAPH country=”India” title=”India” confirmed_title=”Confirmed” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”]

World Coronavirus outbreak live tracker data


[COVID19-ROLL title_widget=”Worldwide” total_title=”Total” confirmed_title=”Cases” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”]

Coronavirus Outbreak LIVE Updates:
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For help and updates also visit the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare