‘Boycott Of Kareena Kapoor Khan’ Trends on Internet For Charging Rs 12 Cr To Play Sita’s Role

'Boycott Of Kareena Kapoor Khan' Tends on Internet For Charging Rs 12 Cr To Play Sita's Role
'Boycott Of Kareena Kapoor Khan' Tends on Internet For Charging Rs 12 Cr To Play Sita's Role

Lately, it has become a normal phenomenon — the internet users in India trend the boycott of a product, brand, and even celebrities where they feel that they are not working in accordance with the newfound so-called idea of India that they believe in.

In the same spirit, ever since it has been reported that Kareena Kapoor Khan asked for rupees 12 crores to play the role of Sita in a period drama, people have been expressing their anger over it.

The internet is was soon inundated with angry messages against Kareena. In fact, there is a hashtag that has been trending to boycott Kareena. 

Netizens claim that she is hurting people’s religious sentiments by demanding a huge price to play the role of Sita and even called her demand against humanity.

People are sharing the reports where Kareena is claimed to charge 12 crores for taking up the role of Sita, the wife of Lord Ram in the great Hindu epic of Ramayana.

Some even proposed that Kareena is suitable to play the role of Surpanakha the demon sister of king Ravana the main antagonist in the Ramayana.

Many came up with some suitable candidates (actress) to play the role of Sita

Controversial actor Kangana Ranaut was also one of the candidates proposed

The trend also included various religion-based commentary, however irrelevant it may be

It is important to note that the movie is purely a commercial venture and not a charity or not-for-profit initiative. The producers are not entitled to waiver on taxes, nor they are entitled to any caps on profit that they will be making on any such venture.

Kareena has not yet react to this news. This might be unnecessarily blown out of proportion. Don’t you think?

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