Bhopal Doctors On COVID-19 Duty Live In Their Cars To Protect Families

Bhopal Doctors On COVID-19 Duty Live In Their Cars To Protect Families
Bhopal Doctors On COVID-19 Duty Live In Their Cars To Protect Families

During the unprecedented times of a pandemic when the whole world has been impacted in a way that it is going to change for generations to come. The front-line worriers this time are not your soldiers but doctors and medical workers.

How ironic can the situation be when you hear about reports of doctors from one city being assaulted by policemen despite showing their Ids, while on the other side you have the example of doctors who work round the clock and then live in their cars to protect their family and society.

This is the story of Bhopal, as the two doctors work almost 24/7 with coronavirus patients, after their long shift, they move into a space that is cramped, uncomfortable and barely enough for one.

Two doctors live in their cars, shows their extreme dedication during covid-19

Sachin Nayak and Sachin Patidar, both doctors at the same government hospital in the Madhya Pradesh capital, have been living in their cars for weeks, quarantining themselves to protect their families.

When their day’s shift is over, they walk near their homes for a bit and rest in their car, staying away from their families inside. In their spare time, they read, take a nap and talk to family on the phone.

They have ensured that their car has the daily items they need – bedsheets, clothes, laptop, and mattress.

Sachin Nayak, a father of a three-year-old, works in the isolation ward for coronavirus patients. “The pandemic spread in days, there was no time for the administration or us to prepare…it’s our job to fend for ourselves,” he says.


Dr. Nayak has close contacts with at least 100 people and staff every day. “We collect the samples, which can spread infection, that’s why I decided to live in my car,” he says.

Dr. Nayak said, “We are treating patients here. We may carry the virus while going to our home. To save my family from the coronavirus, I decided to isolate myself here in the car. I have spent seven days in it.” He further added that he will go to his house in one or two days

Sachin Patidar specializes in anesthesia. Since March 31, he has also been staying in his car. His car has soap, deodorant, a comb, and a shaving kit. The backseat is his bed. He is worried about the elderly members of his family.

The two doctors have collected much appreciation on social media. Even Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted his salute to the “warriors” in the COVID-19 fight.

“I and the entire Madhya Pradesh greet warriors like you who are fighting the war against corona. If we all continue with this resolve, then we will be able to win this great war more quickly. Sachin Ji, salute your spirit,” Mr. Chouhan tweeted.


Hospital administration is working to allot rooms for the doctors

According to the doctors, the hospital administration is allotting rooms to them and they will soon move into one. “Nobody was prepared to deal with this coronavirus global pandemic.

However, the situation is improving now and authorities are doing their best to deal with the crisis. The administration has made its effort to provide accommodation to doctors in hotels. It is a time-taking process as the hotels were not sanitized,” they added.

Madhya Pradesh has 411 coronavirus cases, including 33 deaths at the time of writing the article.