Tokyo Olympics: Athlete Falls During Race, Gets UP, and Overtakes Others to Win

Tokyo Olympics: Athlete Falls During Race, Gets UP, and Overtakes Others to Win
Tokyo Olympics: Athlete Falls During Race, Gets UP, and Overtakes Others to Win

Sifan Hassan came back with a miraculous recovery as she took a tumble at the start of her final lap. The unexpected crash did not stop her as she went on to win the race.

There’s a reason that sports movies can be a big motivator. While the positive emotions after the watch may not last for some, viewers can see the protagonists overcoming all odds to win and they instantly relate to it.

Just imagine the similar incident happening in real life, that too in Olympics.

Sifan Hassan’s attempt to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics’ 1,500-meter seemed almost over after the world champion tripped over another runner at the start of the final lap. However, she got up and won the race.

Kenya’s Edinah Jebitok took a tumble in front of Hassan, taking down the long-distance runner from the Netherlands along with her during the 1,500-meter heat as runners jostled ahead.

However, the crash could not end the Dutch runner’s winning spirit as she quickly got back on her feet, collecting herself again and overtook others to win the race with a gold medal.

Hassan managed to complete the race in 4 minutes, 5.17 seconds and defeated Australia’s Jessica Hull and American Elinor Purrier St Pierre to qualify for the semi-finals.

A video of the episode, which has instantly gone viral on social media, triggered a storm of social media trends with many really impressed with Hassan for her courage and fighting spirit.

People online learnt a crucial lesson – never give up no matter what. Many lauded her spirit and called it the “greatest comeback”

“This is an incredible recovery by the #Netherlands’ Sifan #Hassan who fell down with a lap to go in the 1500m, got up, and won her heat,” wrote a user while sharing the viral clip.

There are many incidents from the Olympics that are remembered for a long time and are deeply engraved in history, this one is sure up there and will be remembered as the perfect example of never giving up and then manage to succeed even at the highest level when it almost seemed impossible.

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