Momos Created Using Pepsi Spark Online Attention

Momos Created Using Pepsi Spark Online Attention
Momos Created Using Pepsi Spark Online Attention

A surprising video showing how to make momos (dumplings) with Pepsi has become really popular online.

People say these momos taste different because of the Pepsi, making them both sweet and tangy. Some are excited to try them, but others aren’t sure if Pepsi goes well with momos.

People on social media can’t stop talking about it, and everyone seems to have an opinion.

In Delhi, and some parts of north India recently, momos are more than just street food—they’re a big deal. You can find them in all sorts of flavors, from tandoori to pan-fried.

One vendor in Delhi has added a bizarre twist to momos by using Pepsi. Instead of water, he steams the momos with Pepsi. People were surprised when they saw this in a video online.

The momos turn a bit gray and have some Pepsi drops on them after steaming. They probably taste a bit sweet because of the Pepsi.

In the contemporary culinary landscape, the quest for viral sensations has led to the incorporation of unconventional ingredients into recipes, creating a wave of novelty and intrigue.

What is in the viral video?

In the video, we see the vendor using Pepsi instead of water to steam the raw momos, which catches the vlogger’s attention.

When asked about it, the vendor explains that the stall owner told him to make these special “Pepsi momos.” Then, we see what the momos look like after they’re cooked.

When the steamer’s lid is lifted, we see the momos with a grayish color and a few drops of Pepsi on them.

These momos probably taste a little sweet because of the Pepsi. The caption in the clip asks, “Have you ever tried momos with Pepsi?”

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People online had a lot to say about the video. Some were really surprised by the idea. Users highlighted the current trend of weird recipes that have no impact on the taste of food but are used as a tool to make content viral.

Some had the opinion that it may be an innovative move to make recipes better by trying unconventional items.

What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments.

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