Tech Engineer Laid Off After Posting on Industry Recession, Receives Support

Tech Engineer Laid Off After Posting on Industry Recession, Receives Support
Tech Engineer Laid Off After Posting on Industry Recession, Receives Support

Across the world, including in India, tech companies, including startups, terminated the employment of more than 425,000 individuals within the last two years, with India alone experiencing the dismissal of over 36,000 employees during the same time frame, according to Economic Times.

Many tech workers choose to express their feelings online. One such case was that of Jishnu, an engineer serving as a second engineer member in a company (name withheld), who was among the recent layoffs. Ironically, on February 7.

He expressed his unease about the tech industry recession and his dwindling confidence in a post on platform X.

The very next day, Jishnu found himself on the receiving end of an unexpected blow as his company decided to lay him off from his position.

He then wrote, “Surprisingly, this went viral. I think I’ll give more details about my experience and how I handled it. When I made the original tweet on Feb 7, I wasn’t aware that my company was planning a layoff. I made the tweet after seeing the trends on Twitter and layoff news from MNCs.

Giving further details about his work and experience, Jishnu revealed that he worked for five years in the company. When he joined, there were only five people. When he left, there were 150 employees.

It was when he saw a calendar invite at 10 AM with people he didn’t usually interact with, he learned his time at the company had come to an end.

Nevertheless, the online community rallied around Jishnu with an outpouring of support, offering him encouragement and solidarity during his challenging time.

Numerous individuals reached out to inform him about potential job openings, while others generously requested his resume, eager to assist him in his job search journey.

Amidst the challenges of job loss and economic uncertainty, the collective response from strangers highlights the importance of community and mutual support.

Their willingness to offer assistance, whether through job referrals, resume reviews, or words of encouragement, reflects a shared commitment to encouraging one another during times of need.

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