Stray Dog Who Keeps Visiting Hyundai Dealership is Given a Job and a Home

Stray Dog Who Keep Visiting Hyundai Dealership is Given a Job and a Home
Stray Dog Who Keep Visiting Hyundai Dealership is Given a Job and a Home

Even the most needy jobseeker will give up visiting the same place again and again, but not this dog.

A stray dog who seemed like he wanted a job at a Hyundai car dealership has seen his efforts pay off after he was finally given a job – and a home.

Earlier this year, employees at a Hyundai Prime branch in Brazil noticed a dog waiting outside the showroom and thought he would leave eventually.

However, as days turned into weeks, the stray dog kept returning. One stormy night, the manager, Emerson Mariano, felt compassion for the pup and invited him inside for some food and water.

They named him ‘Tucson Prime’ and hired him as a ‘Professional Consultant’, honoring him with a staff ID badge and training him on the phones. He even has more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram.

Although the initial plan was to provide the dog with a warm place to stay, Tucson’s natural ability to greet and interact with customers earned him a promotion to the front of the house, as reported by Bored Panda.

Showroom manager Emerson told Top Motors Brazil that feedback about Tucson’s customer care had been extremely positive and he had improved the dealership with his “very caring and docile nature”.

Customers who had purchased a car from the dealership have returned to visit Tucson, even bringing gifts as a token of gratitude.

Mariano, having formed an instant bond with the dog after offering him shelter from the rain, proposed to the board that Tucson be officially adopted as the company’s mascot.

He stated, “Since the company has always been pet-friendly, we decided to put this idea into practice, especially during these challenging times with so many abandoned animals.”

Tucson received essential vaccinations after a vet’s visit and is now poised to feature in a national advertising campaign for Hyundai, marking his ascent through the ranks at the company.

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