SRK’s Candid Confessions: Smoking and Domestic Chores Unveiled in #AskSRK Session Highlights

SRK's Candid Confessions: Smoking and Domestic Chores Unveiled in #AskSRK Session Highlights
SRK's Candid Confessions: Smoking and Domestic Chores Unveiled in #AskSRK Session Highlights

Famously known as the king of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan took on Twitter to answer some of the most sought-after questions about his life, and his candid replies are taking the internet by storm.

Yet again, his responses were witty, sassy and so much fun. 

Recalling SRK’s Revelation: The Chain Smoking Confession and Memorable Quote from 2011 Interview

In a 2011 interview with India Today, Shah Rukh Khan admitted to being a chain smoker, consuming approximately 100 cigarettes daily. He humorously stated, “No, I don’t sleep. I smoke about 100 cigarettes.

I forget to eat. I have to eat food. I just remembered halfway through your shoot. Umm… I don’t drink water. I have about 30 cups of black coffee and I have a six-pack. So the less I take care of myself, the more I get taken care of.”

1. Has SRK quit smoking now, a fan posed the most sought-after question to him on Twitter.

Here’s what the Pathaan star told him. 

2. Why is he only available for 15 minutes, is he doing ‘ghar ka kaam’, asked a fan

SRK shuts him up with his cheeky response. 

3. His witty response when someone complaint that the male friend has a crush on him

4. Does he think he is handsome? No, he knows it!

5. Was this Shah Rukh Khan’s response to ‘mele babu ne thana thaya’?

6. Is SRK a bathroom singer?

7. If you also think Shah Rukh Khan is hot. Have some nimbu paani!

8. Shah Rukh Khan loves playing Kanche too. 

9. Are you trying to ace the Jhoome Jo Pathaan’s hook step? 

10. Shah Rukh Khan looks eye-watering – whatever that means.

11. Another random question from a fan, and SRK’s witty response to that.

12. Shah Rukh doesn’t show off, and here’s proof. 

13. An important piece of advice from Shah Rukh Khan. 

Some context here for those who aren’t aware. It has been reported many times that those who met Shah Rukh Khan are in awe of him, particularly his perfume.

They vouch that SRK always smells so good. In fact, once famed actress Anushka Sharma revealed that if she had to steal one thing from SRK, she would steal his perfume because he always smells good. 

Even Pakistani actress Mahira Khan admitted this and said, “There’s one thing about Shah Rukh, he smells, like, amazing. Amazing! Inme se koi bhi nahi. Matlab ki itna good ki maine Pooja (SRK’s manager) se ek din jake poocha tha, what is he…what cologne does he use?”

14 If you are an overthinker, Shah Rukh has some advice for you!

15. SRK thinks he excels in the patience to deal with nonsense, and we certainly agree, don’t you too?

Shahrukh in his late 50s has aged just too well and grown in his wits, his sharp responses — and sense of humor are timeless.

The question arises, if you ever have a chance to ask the legend a question, what would that be? Leave your questions in the comment box and if not him, let others answer.

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