Did Prophetic Jofra Archer Predict India’s Lockdown of 21 Days?

Did Prophetic Jofra Archer Predict India's Lockdown of 21 Days
Did Prophetic Jofra Archer Predict India's Lockdown of 21 Days

For the uninformed, Jofra Archer the famous England cricket all-rounder is touted as a person whose past tweets predict major future events. There are many instances when what he tweeted years ago actually come true in real life. Of course, these are mere coincidences but these have led to his profile and tweet going viral. In once such incident people are now saying that he predicted Indian lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak, three years ago!

A tweet from October 2017 says “3 weeks at home isn’t enough,” he had tweeted with a ‘rolling eyes’ emoji in 2017. Many fans consider this a sign that Archer “knew” about the lockdown of India. The tweet from over two years ago is now viral. 

Many also say that it’s an ominous sign that the 3-week lockdown for India may not be enough. Because of the rising cases of the COVID-19 and a vulnerable population, a complete lockdown was put in place from Wednesday in India to curtail the spread of the coronavirus that is wreaking havoc around the world.

If this tweet was not eerie enough the netizens are also trending his tweet from August 2014 where he writes “There will be no place to run, the day will come.

The tweet, many believe is a prediction of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic when people will start home and will not be able to run from the virus.

The twitter was abuzz with funny reactions to the prophetic Archer

Some called him Devmanushi!

Some wanted him to predict the end of the coronavirus pandemic

Archer is quite known to have the habit of live-tweeting certain matches and that has somehow matched different scenarios in the present, leading to a belief that for any and every situation, there exists a tweet on pacer’s Twitter feed.

Some have said that Archer is a time-traveler, others feel he has the ‘supernatural’ ability to predict the future and there are those who simply think he just has a tweet for everything. This is a typical example of attribution error but has the ability to amuse us all.