Hilarious: Man Returns Sanitizer After He Realizes He’s Been Caught On Camera

Man Returns Sanitizer After He Realizes He's Been Caught On Camera
Man Returns Sanitizer After He Realizes He's Been Caught On Camera

These are COVID times and it has made impacts on everyone, even our priorities of what is worth having have changed. These days hand sanitizers and face masks have become very important to protect us from the novel coronavirus.

Businesses have caught up on the opportunity and safety, and now virtually all shops and restaurants have sanitizers kept right outside the door for people to use before entering the premises.

Taking advantage of this, one man tried stealing hand sanitizer which was kept outside a shop!

In a rare robbery, a man stole hand sanitizer, Funny part, after realizing that he may have been caught on camera, he puts the liquid back into the bottle.

In a video that has gone viral, a man can be seen talking on the phone while standing near a hand sanitizer bottle outside a shop. He plays with the bottle for a while and then brings out an empty bottle from under his clothes. He goes on to empty the contents of the hand sanitizer bottle into his bottle.

However, he realizes that his acts have been caught on camera. So he pulls up his face mask, drains the stolen hand sanitizer back into its original container.

That’s not all, then he actually presents the bottle to the camera and shaking it to convey that he has returned all that he tried to steal.

The video was posted on a Facebook page called ‘Kondotty Abu’. and is also available on YouTube, have a funny watch!


This man is being compared to a child who tries to steal bites from the fridge but puts it back when they realize an angry mom is watching!

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