Internet Flooded with Memes as PM Modi Set to Address Nation at 8pm

Internet Flooded with Memes as PM Modi Set to Address Nation at 8pm
Internet Flooded with Memes as PM Modi Set to Address Nation at 8pm

Indian is at a very important stage in the current coronavirus outbreak that is impacting the whole world. With the total number of cases going above 70,000, India is soon going to be reaching 80,000 cases, around which China has been able to stop the spread of the virus in its country.

India is also considered among the top nations when it comes to the stringency of response in the world. India is currently in the third phase of lockdown, which many call ‘Lockdown 3.0’.

The stringent lockdown restrictions have been in place since March 22 when PM Modi — first announced the Janta Curfew. Since then, the lockdown has been extended twice. The present third phase of the lockdown is expected to last till May 17, after which reports suggest that commercial flights may also be allowed to resume between green zones.

States, at the moment, have been divided into red, orange and green zones and it can be expected that restrictions will continue in the containment zones. As news of PM Modi’s address, today broke, netizens started trending #Lockdown4.

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There were some truly hilarious memes trending on twitter after the announcement of Modi address to the nation

Suryastha (sunset) is not happening.

Slowly but steadily people believe we are moving towards Lockdown 4.0

User pointing towards the obvious, there will be an extension

Few seem to be hilariously waiting for the lockdown!

Inevitability of Lockdown 4.0 with rising number of cases in India

For some it is lockdown is necessary to fight coronavirus outbreak

Lockdown and its impact on extrovert and introverts is equally funny

The hideous government!

Some have risen above the such things

The earth is habitable anymore

It looks that the government may give relaxations on many front when compared to the earlier lockdowns. The extent of which will be known soon when PM Modi addresses the nation.

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