How to Coronavirus-Proof Your Home During Lockdown and Beyond

How to Coronavirus-Proof Your Home
How to Coronavirus-Proof Your Home

Many countries including India are in a lockdown at the moment due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. We all know the importance of lock-down and how it is to help us avoid getting infected and infecting others. Our homes are the place where we spend our time while this thing passes over, it’s important that we understand how to make our homes coronavirus proof. Everyone must stay at home and maintain social distancing, however, in emergency cases when you do have to leave your home for any medical emergency or visiting your local grocery store or pharmacy store coronavirus means staying at home as much as possible — but you’ll likely need to make a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy at some point.

You can download or print this tip sheet to ensure you don’t bring the virus back home with you and make your home safe during the covid-19 pandemic.

make your home safe during the covid-19 pandemic

Note: Recommendations for Covid-19 may change as more things are discovered, so monitor your local health department and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for updates.


Setting up your home and protocol

  • There should be only one person who is designated to go outside and the person should be healthy and young this will limit your outside exposure
  • Set up a disinfecting area — an area outside your home or a secluded space where you can disinfect packaged food and other items
  • Set up multiple areas for hand washing wherever you have a water source and disposal

When you’re out

  • Maintain a distance of at least six feet from others
  • Wipe handles on carts or baskets while shopping
  • You can wear gloves or a mask — also wash your hands frequently while you’re out and avoid touching your face

When you get back

  • Apply sanitizer to your car door handles
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Disinfect takeout boxes and packaged foods at your disinfecting station by washing or applying sanitizer
  • Thoroughly wash produce before putting it in your kitchen


  • Disinfect everything you touch — doorknobs, light switches, keys, phone, keyboards, remotes, etc.
  • Use EPA-approved disinfectants (these include Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and certain Lysol sprays) and leave surfaces wet for 3-5 minutes

Managing home delivery

  • For online delivery ask the delivery boy to drop deliveries off on your doorstep or an area of your complex or outside your main gate
  • If they need you to come to the door, keep six feet of distance
  • Any tips must be paid online
  • Preferably pay online for your orders, or use mobile wallets for payment, avoid cash payments
  • Sanitize your cash in case you receive cash from others
  • After you pick up mail from your mailbox, wash your hands

Handling laundry

  • Wash clothes, towels, and linens regularly on the warmest setting
  • Disinfect your laundry hamper, too, or place a removable liner inside it
  • Don’t shake dirty laundry to avoid dispersing the virus in the air

Handling guests

  • Needless to say, you shouldn’t have guests during these times
  • If you need to house a family member or friend, avoid shared living spaces as much as you can
  • If they need to enter shared living spaces, ask them to keep six feet of distance offer them sanitizer

If someone in your home gets sick

  • First, consult your doctor
  • Isolate them in another room and ask them to use a separate restroom
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces every day
  • Avoid sharing items with them
  • Wear gloves when washing their laundry
  • Continue to wash your hands frequently
  • Ask them to wear a face mask if they have one

Supplies that you should have at your home

  • Government-approved disinfectants
  • Sanitizers
  • Hand wash
  • Laundry detergent
  • Masks and gloves (normal mask will do no need for N-95)
  • Trash bags
  • Prescription medicines (you can mail order these)
  • Canned foods — fruits, veggies, beans
  • Dry goods — breads, pastas, nut butters
  • Frozen foods — meats, veggies, fruits
  • Pet food (if you have pets)

Handling pets

  • Supervise your pet in your backyard
  • It’s OK to play with them outside — just keep your distance from other humans
  • If you’re sick, ask someone you live with to take care of them while you recover
  • If you must care for them while you’re sick, wash your hands frequently

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