Harmony in Action: Muslim Family Lends 60-Acre Land for Hindu Event in Parbhani

Muslim Family Lends 60-Acre Land for Hindu Event in Parbhani
Muslim Family Lends 60-Acre Land for Hindu Event in Parbhani

In a heartwarming display of communal harmony, a Muslim family in Maharashtra has allowed the use of their 60-acre land for a Hindu event.

The gesture of the Muslim family, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been widely appreciated by members of both the Hindu and Muslim communities. Many have praised the family for their spirit of tolerance and inclusivity, and for setting an example of how communities can come together and coexist peacefully.

The history of communal violence in Parbhani has kept the local government vigilant. When the Syed family learned that Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Jadhav was searching for a flat, open piece of land with road access to host the Shivpuran Katha, they offered their land for temporary use.

The Syed family’s generosity extends beyond just lending their land for the Shivpuran Katha event. They not only provided the land at no cost for a period of five days but also sacrificed their crops, which included 15 acres of Tur and 4 acres of green gram, to make way for the event.

Syed Shoaib, a 25-year-old from the family, reportedly told TOI, “As of date, communal polarisation is the biggest challenge before the country. Our step is aimed at selflessly bridging the gap between people of different faiths.”

Syeds. Shoaib’s father Abubakar Bhaijan said, “The organizers led by Parbhani MP were looking for open land in the vicinity of Parbhani town but they could not find it due to standing crops. When someone reached out to us to check if there is any open land available on rent for holding the religious event, we gave them our land for free of cost.”

“The crops of tur and green gram on the land were intended for their own consumption, as well as for their farm workers and animals.”

He also highlighted that Parbhani has a history of communal conflicts and that the family’s intention behind this gesture was to promote unity and understanding between different communities.

His uncle, Syed Abdul Qader, added that the family’s act of generosity was not an isolated one. Just last month, they and other Muslim families had provided their farmland for a three-day Tableegh Jamat Ijtema, which was attended by around three lakh people.

Now, when their Hindu brothers were searching for land for their religious event, they felt it was their duty to offer it to them without any cost.

Qader, who comes from a religious background, also stated that their family had offered to arrange basic facilities at the event venue as they believe that by helping others selflessly, they can help to strengthen and improve social cohesion.

The event is being organized by a local Hindu organization, which had been on the lookout for a suitable venue for the festival. When they approached the Muslim family with the request, the family readily agreed to allow the use of their land.

The organizers of the event have expressed their gratitude to the Muslim family for their generosity and support. They have also said that the event will be open to people of all communities and that they hope it will serve as a symbol of unity and harmony.

MP Jadhav said, “The gesture by a Muslim family to bulldoze standing crops for the sake of organizing Shivpuran Katha, is a heart-warming act. We appreciate and thank them for the same.”

The event is set to take place in the coming weeks and is expected to attract a large number of people from the surrounding areas. It is a beautiful example of how communities can come together and support each other, regardless of religious differences. The spirit of this event is truly winning hearts.

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