FACT CHECK: Curfew In Mumbai Or Section 144, Till January 2?

Fact check, Curfew in Mumbai
Fact check, Curfew in Mumbai

The news about the Mumbai Police imposing certain restrictions and bans hit headlines every now and then.

But these are not new orders but the same order which is renewed every 15 days.

On December 2, reports claimed that the police issued a press release — imposing prohibiting the gathering of more than four-five people and banning the use of loudspeakers among other things till January 2.

Mumbaikars must note that the city police will only impose Section 144 and not a curfew which bans essential services too. Know the difference between curfew and section 144 here.

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Babri Masjid Demolition and the 65th death anniversary of Dr. Bhimarao Ambedkar Mumbai Police has imposed prohibitory orders as a precautionary measure. It is a routine Police measure to maintain peace.

The Mumbai Police press release also says they have imposed restrictions in the city from December 3 to December 17.

Section 144 in Mumbai: Several web portals on Friday reported that a total curfew will be implemented in Mumbai from December 3 to January 2 to ensure peace in the city and avoid disturbance to public order. However, Mumbaikars must note that the city police will only impose Section 144 which bans the gathering of five or more people.

Issuing a press release, Vishal Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai Police’s Mission Department asserted that any kind of procession, gathering, demonstration, playing loudspeakers, etc, will be banned in the city from December 3 to Jan 2.

CLAIM: Curfew in Mumbai from December 3 to January 2.

FACT: Only Section 144 is imposed from December 3 to January 2. 

Section 144 in Mumbai: List of Activities Prohibited

  1. A public gathering of more than 5 people is prohibited
  2. There will be a ban on processions
  3. Bursting of firecrackers is prohibited
  4. Use of loudspeakers banned
  5. Music bands in a procession are prohibited
  6. Social gatherings without permission prohibited
  7. Protests/hunger strikes are prohibited

Section 144 in Mumbai: List of Activities Allowed 

  • Marriage ceremonies
  • Funeral meetings and processions en route to cemeteries/burial grounds
  • PVRs, theaters
  • Assemblies of people in or around courts and offices
  • Assemblies in or around schools, colleges, and other educational institutions for educational activities

    Difference Between Curfew And Section 144

    1. When section 144 is imposed, a gathering of 5 or more people is restricted within a particular area
    2. Essential services are exempted from the purview of restrictions
    3. However, if the curfew is clamped, the power of the district administration goes into the hands of the Collector and the Police Commissioner
    4. During the time of curfew, essential services are also shut down
    5. Banks, ATMs, grocery shops, and milk shops all are shut down except for emergency services like hospitals
    6. Once the curfew is implemented, only police personnel and administration are allowed on the street

    It must be made clear that our fact check reveals that, there is no curfew in Mumbai but a routine Section 144 has been imposed as a precautionary police measure to maintain peace.

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