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All The Balls In This Optical Illusion Are Actually The Same Colour But The Many Don’t believe So

Our brain works in so many complex ways that we are sometimes forced to think whether what we see is real or just an illusion. A new internet sensation based on the balls in this optical illusion is actually the same color but many people do not agree and count it as an internet hoax.

A new sensation because of an optical illusion shared on Reddit is breaking the internet by storm because it is so much difficult to process and understand quickly.

Don’t believe so? Here, try it out yourself

Balls In This Optical Illusion


A Twitter user, Chaz Firestone, was the first to bring that the illusion, claiming all balls are brown but appear to be of different shades. Some agree, some simply fail to spot the brown color. 

Many believed it to fake news and called it such

But Many could also see the reality after tweaking an image a little bit

Some claimed that young ones can spot the illusion easily

Quite interesting and clearly a trick of using colors to create illusion, which many would’ve missed despite looking at it a 100 times. How long did it take you?


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