‘At Least They Patch Up’ Tweet Showing Damaged Road in UK is a Hilarious Viral Thread

Tweet Showing Damaged Road in UK is a Hilarious Viral Thread with People Across the Globe Sharing their Pictures
Tweet Showing Damaged Road in UK is a Hilarious Viral Thread with People Across the Globe Sharing their Pictures

Social media has a unique way of bringing up some of the most relevant and important topics that are important for the community in a hilarious way, out of nowhere. Just imagine a tweet by an unknown Twitter account that is not even verified and turn it into an instant internet frenzy.

An individual shared a picture of a damaged road that was fixed by the authorities by using tar and gravel as a result of which the road had patches of both the components. The photo immediately went viral, seems to have struck a chord with netizens.

He was kind of sarcastic when he said ‘Only in Britain would a road look like this.’ Who could have imagined that a simple Tweet will go on to become viral immediately with more than 100 thousand likes and 6 thousand shares.

It was the time when netizens from across the world started sharing pictures from their own countries of roads with potholes and even a few where the entire road had caved in.

It became more of a competition to prove that road condition in one’s country is worse. While there were no winners in this, the authorities in the respective countries may have had some jolts where their mismanagement was highlighted in front of a global audience.

Almost immediately people from other countries such as India, Pakistan, Australia, Uganda, Thailand, America, South Africa, etc. also started sharing photos showing the bad condition of the roads in different parts of the world.


A user said, ‘Meanwhile in Argentina, we celebrate our pothole’s birthdays’

Hold my beer say Delhi (India)

People drawing di**s around pothole in Australia to draw the attention of authorities there

Even USA is not far behind the competition

India is giving some tough competition

A good samaritan from Saudi was a little different

There is a place called Karachi, Pakistan makes a grand entry

Nigeria is operating at a different level!

Photoshopped image was just great

Nigerial has a point to prove

South Africa doesn’t want to be left behind

Daddy of a pothole!

The internet frenzy about the bad conditions of roads in different countries was hilarious, but it also raises a very important point where road conditions are responsible for a majority of accidents.

After looking at these images, few were able to perhaps console themselves that people from other countries are also facing the same problem, and they are the only ones who are trying to find roads between the potholes.

The satisfying part is that things are getting a little better with time and the authorities are getting serious about providing the citizens with more reliable roads but still, a lot remains to be accomplished in this regard.