IIT Bombay’s Management School posts anti-BJP tweet, says their Twitter account was compromised

iit bombay posts anti bjp tweet

While every individual has some political opinion, it is not often that you see a tax funded educational institution of high repute making arguments against voting for a particular political party.

The management school of IIT Mumbai The Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management has claimed that its Twitter account was compromised after one anti-BJP tweet was posted from the Twitter account.

Replying to a tweet posted by author Shefali Vaidya, the verified official Twitter handle of the institute had tweeted that Hinduism and Hindutva are not same, and being religious and being stupid are also different things.

It then went on to claim that people here (referring to West Bengal) may be religious but they are not stupid enough to vote for BJP.

There was a huge uproar on social media and users started questioning how a tax-funded institution can post such politically biased comments.

After it went viral the tweet was deleted by the institute. Later they posted another tweet saying that their account was compromised, and they issued an apology for the tweet. They also reiterated that the School neither endorses nor take a political stand or viewpoint.


In a reply to Shefali the IIT Bombay PRO has clarified that the account is managed by a group of students without proper authorization and the same will be deactivated with action against the culprits.


This matter has for now been put to rest however, this incident should serve as an example for educational institutions to not let their verified official social media handles fall into irresponsible hands.