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“I have heard enough of your verbal diarrhea”- Ravindra Jadeja slams Sanjay Manjrekar

It’s not every day that you will see a present cricketer literally slamming a former senior Indian player openly. This was all to change when Indian allrounder Ravindra Jadeja publicly criticized Sanjay Manjrekar’s “bits and pieces” comments and stated that he has had enough of his “verbal diarrhea”.

If that was not enough of rebuke, Jadeja went on to add that he has played “twice the number of matches” Manjrekar played and he should learn to respect people.

Sanjay Manjrekar’s commentary and recent comments have been heavily criticized

He is the official commentator in both Hindi and English this world cup in 2019. His comments, however, have been to a lot of criticism mainly from the Indian cricket fans, his tweets have not helped either.

In the last few days, Manjrekar, especially, has been very critical of Jadeja, which is quite surprising for fans as Jadeja is yet to play a single match and only has fielded as a substitute and had done some great fielding. He has, however, never missed an opportunity to slam the cricketer. 

“I am not a big fan of bits and pieces players which Jadeja is at this point of his career in 50-over cricket. In Test matches, he is a pure bowler. But in 50-over cricket, I would rather have a batsman and a spinner.”

What angered most of the fans was his criticism of MS Dhoni

Now fans have been angry and gunning for his head. Going as far as filing a petition in change.org for removing him as a commentator for this world cup.

As a commentator, however, it is his right to criticize players when they are not performing. It doesn’t matter if the player in question has a better record than him. The problem this time has been his selective criticism of Dhoni and Jadeja which has left the fans fuming.


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