29 Funniest Reactions to Budget 2021 by Indian Netizens are Just Hysterical

Funniest Reactions to Union Budget 2021
Funniest Reactions to Union Budget 2021

It was no ordinary budget, even, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had earlier claimed that the budget for the fiscal year beginning April will be “like never before.” Indian economy is trying to recover from the pitfalls of pandemic-induced lockdown and at least some people were looking forward to the ‘never before’ budget as claimed by the finance minister.

Indian FM Nirmala Sitharaman presented her third and Narendra Modi government’s ninth Budget on February 1, 2021. As with any budget, the oppositions were all over the heel trying to find shortcomings, government supporters were working hard too, they had to point out how great the budget is.

In between these two sides were the Indian citizen, they had some of the funniest ways to express their reactions to the Union Budget 2021.

Here’s a list of some of the wittiest reactions to the Union Budget 2021.

1. Funny take on Agri – Infra cess imposed by the governement

Finance Minister Nirmala in her speech, said the government will impose an agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess (AIDC) of 100 per cent on alcoholic beverages and of 2.5 percent on gold and silver.

Given that farmer protests are continuing across the country, many had funny take on what the money will be used for.

2. The meaning of budget is not the same for all

3. Let’s discuss the budget, shall we?

4. Sold everything – Funny take on disinvestment in PSUs

Indian Finance Minister said strategic disinvestment of BPCL, Air India, Shipping Corporation of India, Container Corporation of India, IDBI Bank, BEML, Pawan Hans, Neelachal Ispat Nigam Ltd, among others would be completed in 2021-22.

5. Some called it OLX budget

OLX is an online marketplace for majorly used goods. It was compared to the government budgeting for selling PSU shares.

6. JNU was dragged into Union Budget 2021

7. Some cheered for Sensex rise after budget

Not the best way relate stock market response with the overall effectiveness of the budget, but will do for now.

8. For this gentleman government has sold everything

9. Mega Sale – Funny way to put it!

10. Tai’s law of economy and Indians rection

11. Team farmers and Senior Citizens were not unhappy though

12. 3 For the price of 1

13. Some believe its celebration time for a few

14. Rahul Gandhii for Saridon, headache relief medicine

Soon, after a few hours elapsed during the budget session, Gandhi looked ‘bored’ and ‘inattentive’ in the house. 

He was seen wearing a mask and dozing off in the middle of the session. A picture of that particular moment started circulating on Twitter on Monday.

15. Didn’t understand 1 bit but felt nice to hear

16. Relatable…

17. You were born empty-handed and leave the earth as one

The finance minister did not tinker with tax slab rates and brought in no significant changes for retail investors. Netizens did have some funny responses on that.

18. Hilarious take on how Indian media’s presentation of Union Budget 2021

19. Hammer and piggybank

20. A satire on extra sops for poll-bound states in the budget

Sithraman announced Rs 2.27 lakh highway projects, including infrastructure projects and welfare package for tea workers, for the four states. Guess what, all four are approaching Assembly elections. 

21. Me in offline classes after college reopen – Rahul Gandhi listening to budget speech in Parliament

22. Salaried class trying to understand the budget

23. Another take on the reaction of middle class

24. Bring Manmohan Singh Ji back

25. Meanwhile salaried class

26. If Modiji has done it, he must have had thought about it!

27. For some it’s a budget that saved the country

28. Petrol and Diesel prices

29. CA professionals today

While every budget has some positive and some negative reactions, this budget falls during the peak of meme season in India. There were some truly creative and funny reactions to it.

The impact of the budget and final verdict of its efficiency will be analyzed for some time to come and by people who know the trade. However, the witty responses from public provides us with much needed entertainment above all.

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