Eyes Of 3 Children Infected With Black Fungus Removed In Mumbai Hospitals

Eyes Of 3 Children Infected With Black Fungus Removed In Mumbai Hospitals
Eyes Of 3 Children Infected With Black Fungus Removed In Mumbai Hospitals

The three children, aged, 4, 6, and 14 years old, went through surgery at two hospitals in Mumbai

Three children infected with Black Fungus had to go through life-changing surgery to remove one eye in Mumbai. Cases of black fungus have been recorded across the country, however, Mucormycosis or Black Fungus cases in children are a worrying sign, say, doctors.

The infection usually targets COVID-19 patients with comorbidities like diabetes and is serious, even after one recovers from Covid.

The three children, 4, 6, and 14 years old, were operated upon at two hospitals in Mumbai. The first two children are not diabetic, but the 14-year-old child is.

A fourth child, a 16-year-old, developed diabetes after recovering from Covid, and a part of her stomach was found infected with Black Fungus, doctors have said.

Black Fungus Symptoms
Black Fungus Symptoms

“We saw two girls infected with Black Fungus in the second wave (of Covid). Both were diabetic. After she came to us (the 14 years old), one of her eyes turned black within 48 hours. The fungus was spreading to the nose too. Luckily, it did not reach the brain.

We treated her for six weeks; unfortunately, she lost her eye,” said Dr. Jesal Sheth, Senior Consultant Paediatrician at Fortis Hospital.

“The 16-year-old child was fine a month ago. She had recovered from Covid. She was not diabetic. But she came to us with diabetes suddenly.”

“Her intestines started bleeding. We did an angiography and found that Black Fungus had infected blood vessels near her stomach,” Dr. Sheth said.

The younger children, who were not diabetic, were admitted to Mumbai’s KBH Bachooali Ophthalmic and ENT Hospital. Both had Covid.

“Black Fungus was spreading in their eyes and if we had not removed the eyes, their life would have been in danger. They were already blind in one eye and it was hurting them badly. One child came to us in December last year. The second case came during the second wave,” said Dr. Prithesh Shetty, Oculoplasty, Ocular Oncology, and Ocular Prosthetic at the hospital.

Black Fungus infection needs to be caught early as it is aggressive and dead tissue has to be scraped away. Surgeons have had to remove patients’ nose, eyes, or even their jaw to stop it from getting to the brain.

With coronavirus and other conditions, a critical phenomenon called a cytokine storm can occur where the immune system goes into overdrive, damaging organs, so doctors have been prescribing steroids to reduce immune response.

However this leads to a weakened immune response — the body’s defenses and increases sugar levels, both the conditions are vital for funguses to thrive.

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