Deepika Padukone Unveiling FIFA World Cup, She Was Representing Louis Vuitton But That Doesn’t Matter, She Made India Proud

Deepika Padukone Unveiling FIFA World Cup, She Was Representing Louis Vuitton But That Doesn't Matter, She Made India Proud
Deepika Padukone Unveiling FIFA World Cup, She Was Representing Louis Vuitton But That Doesn't Matter, She Made India Proud

Is anyone else feeling like they can’t escape the name Deepika Padukone these days? Trust me, I get it. As one of Bollywood’s biggest celebrities, it’s no surprise that she’s always in the news. But this time, it’s not because of her acting skills or glamorous red-carpet appearances. Oh no, it’s all about the drama.

Apparently, the far-right in India is not too pleased with Deepika’s presence at an earlier protest at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The demonstration was against the current government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and it seems that Deepika’s decision to show her support has not gone over well with certain factions. They simply have given her a tag of anti-Modi.

It may seem like Deepika Padukone has been stirring up quite a bit of controversy lately. If you haven’t been keeping up with the drama, here’s a quick rundown:

First, Deepika had the honor of unveiling the FIFA Trophy before a big match, and some right-wing propaganda websites in India decided to “fact-check” whether she was representing India or the luxury brand Louis Vuitton (for which she is a brand ambassador). Can you even believe it?

Just a few days earlier, these same websites were celebrating Rishi Sunak becoming the first Indian-origin (and Hindu) Prime Minister of the UK. Talk about inconsistency.

But wait, there’s more. Deepika has also faced backlash and trolling on social media for wearing a saffron outfit while filming a song with Shahrukh Khan called “Besharam Rang.” Now, you may be wondering what the issue is here.

Well, according to these right-wing trolls, Deepika is committing two sins: first, by wearing a sacred color in Hinduism, and second, by romancing a Muslim actor (who, by the way, has also faced boycotts from these same trolls).

But here’s the thing: there are multiple video clips of BJP leaders like Dinesh Lal Yadav (aka Nirahua) and Manoj Bajpai romancing actresses in saffron, and plenty of Hindu actors who have romanced Muslim actresses without any objections.

So it’s clear that the hatred for Deepika doesn’t stem from anything based on facts, but rather a bias against her participation in events that oppose the government’s policies and some inherent prejudices.

If the trolls were not enough –unnhappy with Besharam Rang, MP minister Narottam Mishra now wants to ban SRK, Deepika Padukone’s Pathaan.

The Indian Censor board that certifies the films to be screened is basically is a non-entity for him and he alone thinks has the power to decide who will watch what.

When did critiquing the current government becomes such a problem, anyway?

Does it matter if she was representing the brand, Louis Vuitton?

Deepika, becoming the first Indian to be present in such an important capacity in one of the biggest sporting events is a proud moment not only for her but also for the country.

Every Indian who accomplishes something whether in India or abroad makes the country proud. When has changed based on whether you ever criticized the policies of the current government or not?

The right-wing propaganda based doing fact-checks to decide that is like a poacher talking about animal welfare.

So if you’re seeing a lot of headlines about Deepika lately, now you know the reason why. The drama never ends in the world of entertainment, does it?”

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