‘Do Not Take Covaxin If…’: Bharat Biotech Advises People with Certain Medical Conditions Against Vaccination

Bharat Biotech Advises People with Certain Medical Conditions Against Vaccination
Bharat Biotech Advises People with Certain Medical Conditions Against Vaccination

Bharat Biotech also strongly urged the vaccine recipients to disclose any allergies or other serious health-related issues to their vaccination officer.

India’s indigenous vaccine, Covaxin was approved for emergency use which wasn’t without controversy. Now the manufactured Bharat Biotech is warning people who find themselves immuno-compromised or are on medicines that have an effect on the immune system are suggested to not take the anti-Covid vaccine Covaxin, a detailed factsheet launched by its producer Bharat Biotech mentioned.

In its factsheet, Bharat Biotech said that there is a remote chance that Covaxin could cause a severe allergic reaction but may very rarely occur. It further added that signs of severe allergic reaction could include difficulty in breathing, swelling of face and throat, fast heartbeat, rashes all over the body, dizziness, and weakness.

Earlier, the government had advised that patients who are currently on immuno-suppressants or are affected by the immune deficiency may go for the vaccination. However, the effectiveness of the vaccination response was expected to be much less for these individuals.

Most cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy, HIV-positive individuals and people on steroids are immune-suppressed. They have a greater risk of severe disease from COVID-19 and also a higher risk of infection. The effectiveness of immune response from vaccination, on the other hand, is lower. Now additional risks from vaccination are going to make things difficult for these patients.

Bharat Biotech has suggested individuals with bleeding disorders or those who’re on blood thinners to keep away from the shot. Additionally, those that are acutely sick, have a fever, or have any history of allergy, apart from pregnant or lactating moms had been additionally advised against taking the jab.

“Tell the vaccination officer about all your medical conditions, including: Are you on regular medication or any illness? If yes, for how long and for which condition,” said the factsheet.

The Covaxin manufacturer further stated all the vaccine recipients will be followed up for a period of three months after the second dose of vaccination.

“In case of any serious adverse events, vaccine recipients will be provided with a medically recognized standard of care in the government designated and authorized centers/hospital. The compensation for the serious adverse event will also be provided,” read the factsheet.

The factsheet suggested that if any recipient developed Covid-19 symptoms, it should be recorded as an adverse event with RT-PCR test results as proof.

Doctors said the factsheet could be in the light of adverse events, most of them mild reported from across the country. The fact-sheet has amidst reports of the reluctance of people to take Covaxin across multiple states in India.

Experts have said that although a vaccinated particular person can catch Covid-19, the infection is more likely to be mild. The recommendation was supposed to be precautionary. “There’s a distant likelihood that the Bharat Biotech Covid-19 vaccine (Covaxin) might trigger an extreme allergic response… could very not often happen,” the fact-sheet mentioned.

It added that indicators of extreme allergic response might embrace issues in respiratory, swelling of face and throat, quick coronary heartbeat, rashes everywhere in the physique, dizziness, and weak point.

“Inform the vaccinator/officer about all of your medical circumstances, together with: Are you on common medicine for any sickness? If sure, for a way lengthy and for which situation,” the factsheet mentioned.

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