10 Incredible Facts About Pelé, A Football Legend

Written By

Rajendra Kumar

1. Pele is a Brazilian National Treasure 

To prevent him from being traded to foreign teams, the Brazilian President of the time –Jânio Quadros declared him a national treasure in 1961

2. Pele has scored over 100 hat tricks in football

He had 92 three-goal games, 31 four-goal games, and six five-goal games, and once netted eight goals in one single game

3. There is a Pele Day that is observed in Brazil

Pelé Day is observed in Santos, Brazil, on November 19 each year, to recognize the date of his 1,000th goal

4. He is a Guinness World Record Holder

He holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of goals scored by an individual. Pele scored 1,279 goals from 7 September 1956 to 1 October 1977 in 1,363 games. 

5. Pele Was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II

Pele was given an honorary knighthood in 1997. He strictly cannot use the title ‘Sir’ until he becomes a British citizen. As a Brazilian citizen, he was not eligible to receive an actual knighthood.  

6. He Played Both Sides For a Match Between His Two Teams in His Final Pro Game 

He played the first half of the game for Santos, scoring one goal, and then switched jerseys and played for the Cosmos in the second half. The Cosmos eventually won the match with a final score of 2-1

7. He Once Played Indoor Football

In his mid-teens, Pele played indoor football commonly known as Futsal. The game is an association football-based game played on a hard court smaller than a football pitch and is mainly played indoors. 

8. He was born into a very poor family 

To play soccer, Pelé had to get creative and practiced his dribbling skills with a sock stuffed with rags. 

9. Pele’s father, Dondinho was a footballer too

Pele’s father played as a center forward for Atlético Mineiro, Fluminense, and several other small football clubs. Dondinho was not only Pele’s father but was his mentor and trainer too.  

10. His First Contract Was 10 Dollars a Month

At 15 years old, Pelé signed his first contract with Santos in 1956, earning just $10 a month. Pele used his pay to buy his mother a gas stove, though their town didn’t have piped gas into homes, then.

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