Gujarat’s 3,000 Crore Statue of Unity Gets Flooded, Officials Claim It’s Part of Design

Statue of Unity Gets Flooded

One of the major ambitious projects of recent times to honor Indian Heroes, the Statue of Unity was discussed a lot in recent times. Little did people know about the weakness of the enormous statue that is worth around 3000 crore. The weakness was thoroughly exposed on 29th June, it was none other that rains!

The viewing gallery of the Rs 3000 crore Statue of Unity flooded on 29 June, after a heavy spell of rain.

The 597-foot statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was meticulously built with emphasis to establish the statue as one of the architectural marbles of modern India. Government spared no expense and the budget reached 3000 Crores. Situated in Kevadia, Gujarat, and currently has the honour of being the world’s tallest statue.

But, despite the tremendous amount spent on its construction, it appears that the statue wasn’t designed to endure something as expected as rain.

People started sharing the video of the statue’s viewing gallery, which shows rainfall pouring inside the 597-foot statue’s viewing gallery. Rain enters the viewing area through the roof and the front of the gallery.

Multiple pictures and videos of puddles of water on the floor and water dripping off the roof were the subjects of severe criticism from viewers. It was somewhat a harsh reality after its inauguration with a lot of fanfare last year.

“We had come with great hope to see the world’s tallest statue. But we are feeling bad looking at the statue in the rain. It has not rained heavily, and already the main hall and viewing gallery of the statue is filled with water. It is unfortunate,” a tourist was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

Officials respond to the fiasco

The twitter handle of Statue of Unity responded with the design argument, “The rainwater has been blown by high-velocity winds inside the viewing gallery It’s by design that it has to be kept open for a better view which tourists can enjoy Water accumulation is being promptly tackled by the maintenance team”.


Narmada Collector IK Patel, who is also the chief administrator for the statue, said in a statement that it was “natural” for water to seep inside the viewing gallery, adding that there was a channel to drain out excess water”.

The visitors and others were not convinced

The people, however, were not convinced with the argument and they believed it has been a serious laxity by the authority.

Ironically, the Statue of Unity’s Twitter handle had shared a tweet about the rains earlier that day and, “The Statue of Unity stands as of now in its full grandeur welcoming the first showers of the monsoon.”

The entire welcome note came crumbling down later that day. It seemed that the statue was more than welcoming to the arrival of monsoon. As it even allowed it to enter straight from the sky, through the roof and settling right in the viewing gallery where tourists were enjoying its view.